Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Dark Heros: Alpha Males of Romantic Fiction

The following is about the dark hero alpha male of romantic fiction, in case you couldn't guess that from the title. I was doing a round of blog stalking, when I should have been working, and I came across a thread on Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels, entitled Love Me Love My Character. I decided to post a comment and since I am content poor on my own site I decided to add it here as well. Enjoy.

"Dark heros are exciting because they’re unknown quantities. The boundaries of their behaviour aren’t fixed."-EvilAuntiePeril

My love of dark heroes started with comic books.

Superman, well on Krypton he was just the boy next door, average Joe type; he only became “super” when he came to earth. His disguise, that of a mortal nerd, which is pretty arrogant if you think about it.

For some reason with Superman I imagine jackrabbit sex at “super” speed and I, right or wrong, equate big muscles with small dicks…that is the yuck combo of deal breakers! I always liked Lex Luther better anyway, he's got that bald, hot evil-guy thing going and much better dialogue.

Cute, poor, shy and awkward Peter Parker. Okay, he becomes glib-and-sexy-in-a-quirky-kind-of-way, Spiderman. But do you really want to bend it over and back it up for a guy in blue and red tights?

I’ll admit the upside down kiss was sexy and I suppose there are all those neat positions he could get into, so while he has his merits, Spidy doesn’t make you breathless (in a non-aerobic way) or wet.

Aquaman… gay. I mean REALLY gay.

Wolverine… want to risk foreplay with that guy? When I look at him he’s got that ferral thing going… nice, and he’s played by Hugh Jackman… really nice… But how does he keep his nails clean?

But Batman, now for me was ALWAYS the ultimate dark fantasy guy… rich and crazy. They didn’t call him the Dark Knight for nothing, he is the man that makes you defy convention and common sense.

While I may wonder what kind of father/husband Superman or Spiderman might make, with Batman my only initial thought is getting fcuked really hard and really well.

Isn’t that at the heart of what alpha romantic heroes are, a man with unlimited resources and plenty of issues, throw in good looks, not too pretty though and you got all the ladies taking off their undies.

There is something undeniable about brooding, masculine energy that is so decidedly sexual. I think it is so different from what we experience as women, it becomes compelling and attractive. It is the thing that responds to something primitive within yourself. You are drawn in and “forced” to submitt to the role of “woman”… now that’s HOT!!!

You always have to wait for the backstory, and that is where you will find what makes the man complex and gives him humanity. That’s when you fall in love.

It’s not about violence or abuse, but it is about walking that line until you get to love. ~W

Would this be wrong

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting my own religion or political party. I figure one of them might actually get my face on money, and how cool would that be…

Or am I the only one who fantasizes about being a worshipped deity. Seriously if you could start your own religion where you collected “offerings” in designer shoes, wouldn’t said shoes be tax deductable.

These are the thoughts that keep me up at night when I should be writing ~W